Cloud apps of Google and Microsoft are used in Metropolia. The browser-based applications may be used for example for

  • co-writing
  • publishing (WWW, blog, video)
  • information management (digital notebooks, surveys)
  • file sharing and project management

The Student's desktop ( is Metropolia's student intranet, which provides access to all key systems, tools, services and instructions.

You can access the user guide on the Instructions and Rules page (Study Guide, Student's Desktop): Student's desktop - instructions for user (

Note! some instructions have not been updated in a while; thus, some of the information in the instructions may be out of date.

Digi News, September 2020:

News are in Finnish but links to (often) English language reference material are provided. 

We will perform maintenance work on Metropolia's data center systems from Friday, August 28, 2020 at 4:00 pm until Sunday, August 30, 2020, which will result in short outages for most of the IT services offered by Metropolia, e.g. financial and personnel management systems, e-mail, Skype For Business, web disks (Z, U, W, T, S, P), O365 logins, desktop virtualization (desktop and securedesktop), Web services for teaching and projects, e.g. users, vhost, mysql, mysqlproj, projects servers,, and .

Metropolia's telecommunications systems will also be serviced from Friday, August 28, 2020 at 4:00 pm until Sunday, August 30, 2020, which will result in short outages for the entire Metropolia telecommunications environment. The subject of maintenance work is Metropolia's infrastructure network equipment, due to which outages occur both in the campus network and in the services provided from the data center.

We aim to keep all possible service interruptions as short as possible and as unobtrusive as possible.

OMA will be updated thursday 9.7.2020 startig at 8 pm. Duration approximately half an hour.

IT Support

OMA will be updated tuesday 21.4.2020 startig at 4 pm.

Duration approximately an hour.

IT Support

VPN remote connection is available to all Metropolia users. You need VPN connection to access internal services from outside of Metropolia campus. Access via VPN connection is determined by the user’s role and the remote device.

Systems requiring VPN connection:

Use VPN connection only when you really need it and after consideration, to ensure sufficient capacity.

Do not use VPN in video meetings or while watching videos.

Services requiring VPN connection may be restricted temporarily or permanently or to ensure the accessibility of critical services.

Metropolia VPN capacity is not designed with a crisis situation in mind. Oma, Moodle, Zoom, Teams and Skype for Business do not require VPN connection.

To avoid creating overload, Zoom service will be transferred from Nordunet cloud to Zoom’s European cloud while the exceptional circumstances prevail. Zoom’s cloud recording will be blocked. When the situation returns to normal, Zoom will return to Nordunet cloud.

You can access network drives without VPN connection at

Library databases can be found at

For more information on services, visit

Direct links:

VPN instructions (in Finnish)

Cloud service instructions

Zoom instructions (in Finnish)

Etäpalveluiden käytöstä poikkeustilanteen aikana (esim. VPN)

Following general guidelines, User Support has shifted primarily to remote working. In practice, this means that user support is available to staff as follows:

We serve customers on weekdays at 8am-4pm.

We have acquired a remote support software, with which we can connect to remote computers. Remote connection requires internet connection and a permission from the user. If you have problem with a computer, download and open the remote support program before contacting Helpdesk. Read instructions here. Remote connection always requires a phone call to our phone service.

What should you do if you receive a phone call from someone you do not know, claiming that you must download and install software on your computer because of a problem on your computer? Contact Helpdesk. If you are unsure about the caller’s identity, the call is most probably a fraud. Do not download and install anything on your computer at the request of unknown people!

In the current situation, we lend out devices to staff for remote working and remote instruction. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that there are enough devices for all.

  1. Display + cables. Only a bigger picture than on laptop.
  2. Docking station package (display, docking station, cables, keyboard, and mouse). Intended for those doing office work whole-time, equivalent to campus workstations. Requires the most space at home office.
  3. USB headset. Substantial improvement in sound quality in remote instruction and remote meetings.
  4. Web camera. Can be used e.g. to substitute a document camera.
  5. Other equipment, check availability by making a service request.

To borrow a device, make a service request:

Enter KOTILAINA as the title. We pay special attention to that word in the service request system.

In cases 1 and 2, let us know your laptop model.

In cases 3 and 4, you will get the devices from Reception by showing the reply to your request.

READ carefully the reply. The reply indicates at what campus you can pick up the devices. Not all campuses have all devices.

There will be clarifications to making purchase requests for devices that remote instruction. We have already received some requests for drawing tablets, wireless microphones, etc.

More instructions will be published in Oma in the coming weeks.

Do not forget Digiklinikka!

The source of help is pedagogical problems is Teams' Digiklinikka. Direct link to Digiklinikka: Digiklinikka - Teams

Instructions: Oma announcement on Digiklinikka 

Br. Mikko Mäkelä / User Support.

For more information

Metropolian käyttäjätuen palvelut henkilöstölle 18.3.2020

Digi News, March 2020

News are in Finnish but links to (often) English language reference material are provided:

All Metropolia users have remote VPN access. Remote access is required when using internal services from outside Metropolia's offices. Remote access via VPN to the internal network is determined by the user's role and terminal.

Systems that require a VPN connection:

Use a VPN connection only when necessary and prudent to ensure sufficient capacity!

Do not use a VPN connection while using online learning platforms, video conferencing services, or watching videos.

Services available remotely via VPN may be temporarily or permanently restricted when security or availability of critical services so require.

Metropolia's VPN connection is not designed for crisis situations.

OMA, Moodle, Zoom, Teams, or Skype for Business don't need a VPN connection to work.

Due to load issues, the ZOOM service will be migrated from Nordunet's cloud to Zoom's European cloud for a state of emergency and Zoom's cloud storage will be disabled. When the situation returns to normal, Zoom is returned to the Nordunet cloud.

More information about the services can be found at: ( management)

Direct links:
- VPN Help: (
- Cloud Service Instruction: ( Cloud Services)
- ZOOM Help: (

OMA will be updated tuesday 10.3.2020 startig at 4 pm.

Duration approximately half an hour.

IT Support

We will perform maintenance work on Metropolia's data center services from March 14 to March 15, which will result in ALL Metropolia’s network and IT services being closed on Saturday, March 14, 2020, starting at 9am. It is estimated that the maintenance work will be completed no later than 15.3.2020 23:30. The service break also applies to HAKA login and Eduroam services. According to estimates, most services will be made available during saturday, but unexpected outages may also occur on Sunday. We will endeavor to make all services normally available by Monday 16.3.2020. In the event of a service being unavailable, please visit and submit a service request.

Issues identified after yesterday's update between 4:00 pm and 4:30 pm have been fixed.

  •      Tuudo
  •      Lukkari Machine
  •      Enrollment visibility
  •      Assessment of achievements and enrollment view
  •      Study Guide (There are no implementations on the Study Offers tab)

Other issues can be reported to the helpdesk at or email

IT Services

OMA will be updated tuesday 14.1.2020 startig at 4 pm.

Duration approximately half an hour.

IT Support