On 21st August 2023, we announced in OMA that the Helpdesk's confidential answer bank has been leaked to the public.

The extent of the data leak is significant. From the leaked answer bank, it is possible to directly access information that was previously only available by asking the Helpdesk.

You can explore the leaked information on the IT Services' new FAQ page, which is part of the long-standing IT Services website. The address is https://itservices.metropolia.fi/FAQ.

The most significant risks of the data leak are:

  • Immediate access to answers — work and study can continue immediately without waiting for a response from the Helpdesk.
  • Potential reduction in Helpdesk inquiries — in the worst case, Helpdesk will have more time to provide better and faster service to those in need.
  • Most serious risk: People learn Helpdesk trade secrets and are able to solve their IT problems themselves.

In this YouTube video, we provide more information about the data leak and its consequences.

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