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Classroom software

  • Before the beginning of the term, a new version of the workstation image is installed on the computers. The image contains the newest versions of software used in instruction.
  • Instructors are advised to test and see whether the software they need in their classes work as expected. In case a program is missing from the image or does not work as expected, a service request should be made to Helpdesk as soon as possible.
  • If an additional program or a specific version needs to be installed to classroom computers, we ask you to kindly make a service request.
  • Helpdesk maintains a list of software installed in classrooms. The list can be viewed on the IT Services website at (Facilities and Equipment > Classrooms)
  • Software requests made during the semester will be fulfilled primarily in the summer when workstation images are updated and computers are reinstalled. Update timing varies between Metropolia locations.

Please let us know in time about your software needs.

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