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When traveling abroad all network connections must always be used with a VPN-connection while working, including wired networks and password-protected network connections. A VPN-connection protects data with encryption, which prevents an outsider from reading the data traffic. There is guide for traveling abroad, that must be followed while abroad.

4. Remote workstation 

A mobile person may have to work remotely anywhere, anytime. It is important to keep the remote workstation in a safe location so that no outside person can see or hear confidential matters. So keep in mind where you can work without others being able to hear your conversation or see your computer screen.


There are currently scams and emails made in the name of technical support, among other things. The coronavirus is ruthlessly exploited in various scam attempts. So be careful what you click and where you provide your information.

If you have click a link in a phishing email act as instructed:

  1. Change your password IMMIDEADTLY at 
  2. Contact Helpdesk by calling the phone service, 09 7424 6777 (open weekdays 8-16). If the phone services are not available, open a service ticket at or by email

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