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 Do not apply these instructions on a computer that is maintained by Metropolia. Metropolia computers already have the VPN utility program installed. Information on computers in Metropolia maintenance: VPN remote connection (in Finnish)


After installing and starting VPN by following these instructions, you will be able to access Metropolia internal network services using your home computer. Internal network services include browser based services and some network licenses. To inquire the possibility of using a specific service via VPN, please make a service requires to Helpdesk at

These instructions were created on Windows 10 operating system and Chrome web browser. If your computer has some other operating system or browser, your computer may work a little differently in some steps of the instructions. Furthermore, the installation process depends on your browser settings.


Table of Contents



10. When the installation is finished, you must restart the computer.


Using the VPN service on your home computer


  • Click on the arrowhead in the bottom right of the screen.
  • Click on the white circle with blue and green arcs in it (a bit like the Earth).
  • Click on Disconnect.


How to uninstall the program


Windows phones: Search for AnyConnect app in Windows Phone Store and install the app