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  • Are LEDs energy-efficient?
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We all know the importance of Green environment and conservation of energy. Light, being one of the most important source of our daily life without which we all be in darkness. The use of light sources are growing rapidly. Along with the growth in use of light, there is high risk in the growth of harmful gases emitted by different kinds of light sources. LED is a highly energy efficient lighting technology that have potential to change the future of lights. The use of LED lighting plays positive role in energy savings because LEDs are capable of saving about 348 TWh of electricity.




LED lightning technology was introduced before forty years. Nick Holonyak, a consulting scientist was the first person who invented LED light emitting diode in 1962. Years later, general technique changed to advanced LED lighning usage. The diodes cost about 200$ which became a major issue at that time. The another major issue was the color i.e. it could produce only red light. Another limiting factor was color, until the 70’s the only color that could be produced by an LED was red. These were the practical issues which took long years to improve. Only few years back, there was improved LED technology and mass installation of various lightning colors in LEDs. 



Why to Choose ENERGY SAVING LED Lighting?

LED light bulbs to save electricity bills
LED lights use less power to convert into light. The home that use LED energy efficient lights are supposed to pay less bills than those home that use other alternatives. LED lights are considered to have 50 times efficient lifespan than other lights. In the same way, they are 50/80% more efficient in incandescent option. Therefore, they help to save electricity bills.

LED light bulbs for longer use
The lightning system maintainance a well as bulbs have high maintenance cost when needed to replace and fix them. Especially in large organizations, maintenance cost are very high. LEDs can be the alternatives because they have long life span. Using LEDs help in cost saving from such maintenance. Hence, maintenance and replacements can be minimized.

LED light bulbs as a green alternative bulb
LED lights are free from harmful toxic chemicals such as mercury which is supposed to be harmful to environment as well as health. These lights are 100% recyclable. LEDs release very little amount of CO2, Sulphur oxides and nuclear wastage. Other bulbs release 2500kgs of such toxic substances whereas LEDs release 200kgs of toxic substances annually. Due to these reasons, LEDs can be considered green alternatives.

LED light bulbs for color and design
LED lights are found in various colors and can be adjusted from dimed to bright colors with the help of dynamic control system. Therefore, LED lights can be well designed to get amazing lightning effects for different events. They can be designed easily through internet or from home system.




  • The brightness of LEDs are similar or even better than other lighting technologies.
  • The output light is always constant over long period of time.
  • They have excellent quality of colors.
  • The efficiency is comparable to fluorescent lighting.
  • There is instant bright light without blinking.
  • They don’t have flickers.
  • They do not cause power draw. 

‘It is high time to start saving money, benefit from longer-lasting lighting systems and sustainable illumination - and most importantly, you can also do your part and start to help saving our planet’

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