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  • Information can be requested by email, text message or phone call, impersonating a genuine influential source such as a bank, courier company or a member of the management team.

4. Control measures

Calm Slow things down

  • If the situation seems urgent or you are under pressure, it is you’re approached with an urgent request or feel pressured, it’s important to stop for a moment to consider the next action. Scammers strive for minute before you do anything. Scammer often try to create a feeling of urgency so you don’t won’t have enough time to think about it thoroughlythings through.

Check the spelling of the email

  • Most of the fishing messages phishing messages sent in Finnish have been translated using a machine translation program. Therefore, there are typos in the text or the message is poorly written, which may indicate . This often results in spelling errors and clunky sentences. This is often a sign that the message is a scam.

What information does the contact have about you?

  • When being If you get contacted, it is a it’s good idea to consider note what information the contact other person has about you. If the contact person lacks the information he or she absolutely should have, it may be a scamthey are missing a piece of information they should definitely know, this could be a fake contact.

Ask the contact to prove their identity

  • As mentioned, social manipulation can take place in many different place. One example is when an unknown person tries to enter the building. Usually, they carry stuff like ladder or boxes to confuse the victim to open them locked doors. Therefore, when necessary, ask the contact to prove their identity. You can ask for the name, number of the supervisor and then make sure the information is correct.


  • Realistic thinking means that you understand what could really be possible and why it would happen. If you receive an email with a "Payroll" -Word file attached and you do not process anyone's payroll information in your work it is important to think about why that file should would be sent to me? The  The same applies if your supervisor calls to ask and asks you to do something surprisingunexpected. Would my supervisor do that? Reflecting on the realism of the situation can help combat many such ask something like this? By considering how realistic such situations are, can help to prevent many attacks.

Henkilön manipulointi (Social engineering)