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Game sound design for all!

On Tuesday 9.10.2018 from 13:00 to 16:00, the CRGP groups are welcome the Stadin AO auditorium (Muotoilijankatu 3) for an exciting afternoon on the topic of sound, music and game creation. This presentation is for all participants of the CRGP, with content aimed for both sound creators as well as for all other game makers.

The program:

Star presentation/ lecture by mr. Joonas Turner and Q&A


In this session Joonas Turner will tell you about video game sound design, ranging from the very basics up to implementing sounds into a FMOD (audio middleware) project and creating an interactive event in it, with code implementation tips. Also interesting case examples from Joonas' works.
The talk should be beneficial for everyone interested in all aspects of game design, but it is mainly geared towards sound design and creative implementation!
After the talk is over there will be a Question&Answer-section too, so bring your notebooks and sharpen your pencils, let's go!

Group discussion and Q&A about game sound and game music by Joonas Turner, Ilmari Hakkola, Niilo Takalainen and Mikko Saarinen. Hosted by Mikko Raita & Mikko Sallinen from the Stadin AO faculty.

Topics include:
- The work of a sound designer, and working with a sound designer
- Sound in game design
- Teamwork
- Audio branding
- Audio in character design
- The role of music in games and particulars about creating music for games
- Mobile vs PC/consoles and sound
- Working as a freelancer vs in a larger company
- If interested in creating game sound, what should one focus on in their studies?

The speakers:

Sound & game designer and composer Joonas Turner from E-Studio, worked on Nuclear Throne,Broforce, The Badland series, Downwell and his own Tormentor X Punisher. Currently working on games such as Atomicrops, Bleak Sword, Noita and The Oddinary Highway as well as designing his new game.

Sound designer and composer Ilmari Hakkola, 15 years in the gaming industry and 6 years as Head of Audio at Rovio. Currently freelance and building the gaming company 4Good Games as well as the sound company Tonally.

Sound designer and composer Niilo Takalainen from E-studio, worked on games such as Noita,Broforce, Tormentor X PunisherEnvironmental Station Alpha and Badland 2.

Sound designer and composer Mikko Gee Saarinen from Next Gamescurrently working on a Blade Runner mobile game, also worked on The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land.