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Title Page

Usability Report:

version 0.1


Due date of Report:


Actual submission date:


Revised version:

14.12.2009 (final)


  • The total number of participants tested: 10
  • Key characteristics and capabilities of user group:

Media Engineering students

1. # of users that occupy this user type: 138
2. General responsibilities or activities: keep track of their activities, return assignment
3. Computer skills: proficient
4. Domain expertise: media engineering, design, mainly graphics oriented skills, less programming
5. Goals: make the communication easier between the teachers and students: submission of assignment, downloading teaching materials
6. Pain Points: ease the submission of tasks, homeworks; reaching teaching materials
7. Usage Contexts: in school, at home
8. Software Ecosystem

  • browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari
  • might use Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • programs that can create PDF
  • 9. Collaborators: teachers and maybe fellow students
  • 10.Frequency of Use: daily (30%), every 2-5 days (70%)
  • They represented the average, mainly English-speaking Media Engineering students


  • Any known differences between the evaluated context and the expected context of use
  • Tasks
  • Describe the task scenarios for testing
    • Explain why these tasks were selected
    • Describe the source of these tasks
    • Include any task data/information given to the participants
    • Completion or performance criteria established for each task
    • no answer to these?

Test Facility

The test was conducted in the Jobs room of the Leppävaara campus.


  • Computer configuration, including model, OS version, settings,
  • Browser name and version; nothing?
  • Relevant plug-in names and versions (the bullets mean stating e.g., what browser and computers the users are using in the test. In field trials this is information that is not known by the technical partners. For example, in one of the tests during last spring 2007, one of the users was at home using SSp during the test, so it was asked what she used e.g., Internet Explorer 6 and Mozilla Firefox2.0.0.6, Compaq Presario with Windows XP and IBM ThinkPad with Windows XP. If all is not know then it is not but it would be good to try to get the info. Plug-ins can refer for example to the browser add-ons (in Firefox these are found from the upper tools menu. Sometimes it is needed to know if some plug-ins are on or off, because it might change or prohibit some functions.). nothing?

Test Administrator Tools (report if relevant for the particular test)

  • Questionnaires were used. Is it in the attachment? or link where it is to be found!

Experimental Design

  • Define independent variables and control variables Not applicable to this test
  • Describe the measures for which data were recorded (the scale/scope of the recorded data, if relevant for the particular test, i.e., written notes, think aloud in audio recording, etc.). You did make some measurements - so?


  • Operational definitions of measures (e.g., how is it decided that that a task is completed)
  • Policies and procedures for interaction between tester(s) and subjects (e.g., is the test conductor aloud to answer questions of the user, provide help, etc.)
  • State used: non-disclosure agreements, form completion, warm-ups, pre-task training, and debriefing
  • Specific steps followed to execute the test sessions and record data
  • Number and roles of people who interacted with the participants during the test session
  • Specify if other individuals were present in the test environment
  • State whether participants were paid