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Pilot Test

Tuubi Portal:Metropolia

Date: 12.02.2009

Starting Time: 11:15

Place: Dolphin

Description< the Pilot test was conducted with the basic questionnaires that was created according to the format of test plan.We went through the Questions which were saved in computer laptop and asked the user to write some views or answers on it.Kashi Noted the some points which were verbally asked.Since we are ourself tuubi user so we conducted test among group Members Ademola Somoye  and Gauli Kashi.We have concluded the answers altogether since the view from both users were almost same*kashi both @noting and discussioning as user too*

Person 1 Started time 11: 17 approx. time taken 13 minutes.(we went with 10 qustions as follows)

1. As as student of Metropolia  what do you get from tuubi?

Answer:  Tuubi is platform for students of Metropolia,it lets me to login,to view courses,to makes sharespaces,calenders,to upload and view asignments and forum etc.

2.How many times do you use tuubi in a day?

Tuubi is very essential since we are student here.I think more than 10 times,since there is session out if we do not use it for more than 30 mins or something like that...

3. what do you think about tuubi interface?

Kashi(oh i  hate color) but its not that bad,they have naviagated tuubi very well and the functionality is good too. Ademola,(In my opinion its good,but not better than Ovi Portal,because it was so cool with everything)

4. What is the easiest  part of the website?

Kashi( its easy to view the courses and announcement on the first page which is good part of the website) Ademola and I think Logging out is so easy,nicely highlighted with deep red button and you can just click on the tab)

5. What is the difficult and annoying part of tuubi portal?

Ademola( to check next assignment of the same course from course list is the most annoying part of the system ) Kashi has same view! Next, i do not like it when its saying Error occured many times,its not good with IE browser.

6. Where do you open tuubi mostly?

Kashi( probably equally as school to home) Ademola: May be at home.

7. What you do not like to do with tuubi?

Kashi( to search the courses which are in archive) Ademola< I donot like forums,Because i donot use this quite often and its not that much discussive.

8.Do you think is tuubi user friendly?

Kashi( i think so) Ademola< i agree.

9.Do you use calender in Tuubi?

Kashi( Never..) Ademola ,Me too.

10. Did you feel easy to answer our question?

Kashi( well it was ok) Ademola,Not that much funny too...But it was easy.

around 11:30 we stopped the test and drafted this to task as pilot testing.