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Live Performance Technics in EU (LPT) project is a two year Transfer of innovation -project focusing on the competences required in the live preformance area.

LPT project aims at clarifying in detail the essential knowledge and skills of the whole area of live performance technical professions. All the competences are related to the levels definied in the European Qualification Framework (EQF).

The project is based on the structure and methods of describing theatre technical competences created during the [TTT project] which focuses on the development of theatre technical training and multilingual competency management for SMEs via a digital platform created during the {link-window:}PoCeHRMOM- project {link-window}


The target group for the proposal are all those working in live performance techniques such as sound and light engineers, stage technicians and specifically those from these professions moving on to become technical managers and designers.

Besides of the individual workers in the field, the target group also consists of theatre employers, unions and training organisations focusing on developing the field of the live performance technical professions and further training of the professionals.  


LPT proposal aims to help professionals create competence based portfolios and to do self assessment and training organisations to improve their qualifications in the live performance sector at the European level.

Lpt proposal also assists in developing assessment services and competence based qualification possibilities for the technical professionals.

The 5 countries involved in the LPT project are Belgium, Finland, Italy, Sweden and United Kingdom.

All the partners work in the joint network that consists of professionals in the field, training institutions and members of the related Unions.