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Characteristics are specified according to the parameter and the unit that is valid for the operating condition voltages are referred to pin GND and with its minimum and maximum value limits. When VCC has exceeded VCC(swOn), the sensor switches on and current levels and current ratios are maintained until VCC falls below VCC(swOff).  Module m of the gear wheel is defined as the ratio of outer diameter D andnumber of teeth N: m = D/N






Wheel speed sensor

Wheel speed sensor is type of sensor used for measuring the speed of the wheels, per unit time. Those system measurement generates the signals which is operated for the electronic stabilization program , traction control or anti lock braking system. These systems completely relay on the information transmitted from the wheel speed sensor. In addition Navigation system also uses this technology for displaying the place. It uses the signals supplied by the sensor and calculates the distance covered by car. The wheel speed sensors normally function from 12 to 24 VDC power supply where the reverse polarity protection is standard and the sensor has built in protection against pulsed transients to -60V, -40V.