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Kiinnostavia tapahtumia kevät-kesä 2010 Helmikuu 2010

Social Media World Forum, 15 and 16 March 2010 London ja benchmarkkausta

Transforming Culture in the Digital Age, Estonia 14-16.4.2010

International Conference on New Media and Interaction 28.-30.4.2010 Istanbul

ICE - InterCultural Entrepreneuship near Utrecht. ICE is organized by JCI Amsterdam Internation 1.5.2010

Lift10, Geneve, 5.-7.5.2010

EDem10 - 4th International Conference on eDemocracy 2010 Danube-University Krems   6.-7.5.2010

NEXT10 Berliini 11.-12.5.2010

Regional responses and global shifts: Actors, institutions and organisations, 24-05-2010. to 26-05-2010 Pecs,  Hungary

Social media in Business

- educating businesses how to use social media, 21 May in London UK

'Migration and Intercultural Identities in Relation to Border Regions 27-29 May 2010 in Kortrijk, Belgium

European Access network
European Access Network -tapahtuman sivulle
19. konferenssi, Tukholma 14.-16.6.2010 Pariisi Kesäkuu 2010

MIGRATIONS, Knowledge Production/Policymaking Telč, Czech Republic 24.-26.6.2010

New Migrations, New Challenges: Trinity Immigration Initiative International Conference 30th June - 3rd July, 2010, Dublin

(mahdollinen benchmarkkaus : Social Media, Migration and Community in Ireland Project)

International Network Conference (INC2010), Heidelberg 6.-8.7.2010

Kiinnostavia tapahtumia syksy 2010

Home, Migration and the City: New Narratives, New Methodologies 6-10 August 2010Linköping, Sweden

15. Nordic Migration Research Conference GLOBAL CHALLENGES - LOCAL RESPONSES Malmö, 25-27 August 2010

PICNIC, 22.-24.9.2010 Amsterdam

International Metropolis Conference, Haag 4.-8.10.2010

European Communication Conference - Transcultural communication and intercultural comparisons 12.-15.10.2010 Hampuri

ONLINE EDUCA, Berliini 1.-3.12.2010

LeWeb, Pariisi 8.-9.12.2010

Kiinnostavia organisaatioita

Inscope - Social Innovation for Competitiveness, Organizational Performance, and Human Excellence


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