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TeenMinno project

seeks solutions between vocational secondary and higher education where there is a threat of unemployment as well as opportunities for further studies. The solution is sought by bringing the secondary vocational and higher education students together to solve innovation challenges stemming from the labor market. In Finland, vocational student's transition to higher vocational education is significantly lower than those who graduated from high school. The main novelty value of TeiniMINNO is the new Minno -innovation operating model to support secondary and tertiary vocational path. The model focuses on the multi-stage and multidisciplinary innovation challenges that stem from work life.

In TeenMinno project the main target group is less than 25-years-old vocational education students in transition from school to school or work. The emphasis is on developing professional role taking and strengthening of the proactive professional identity in multi-professional context. Innovation competencies such as self-confidence, achievement orientation and conflict management are important in transition phases. TeenMINNO emphasizes the equal division of innovation competencies among boys and girls. TeenMINNO builds operating models and implements them in local vocational education path.

TeenMINNO is funded By European Social Fund during 2016-2018.

Hero, Laura-Maija 2018. Superteam tournament – A pedagogical innovation activity system.  Metropolia University for Applied Sciences, Finland. .pdf.  >>>>


Project develops Superteam tournament -model - see slideshow about Superteam here!


Project manager Laura-Maija Hero
phone 040 179 1409



ppt-material for project workes

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