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International Week 2016 Workshop presentations

Staff Day on Monday 14 March 

Introduction to Metropolia by Arja Hannukainen (Metropolia, Finland)

Use of photography in action research in Southern India by Annemieke Zaat (HAN, the Netherlands)
Connecting education, research and practice by Pieter de Rooij (Breda UAS, the Netherlands) 
Entrepreneurship at RAMA by Martin Granum (Royal Academy of Music, Denmark)
Measures within the framework of the ICF by Patricia De Vriendt & Dominique van De Velde 
“Muskari Goes Web” - Virtual EarlyChildhood Music Education by Sanna Vuolteenaho and Irene Alsti-Lehtonen (Metropolia, Finland)
Learning through voluntary work - experiences and future visions by Sylvia Tast and Eija Raatikainen (Metropolia, Finland)
International Innovation Project - Pedagocial perspectives by Ulla Vehkaperä and students

Social Services

Gentrification as a strategy of City Renewal - The case of city renewal in Ghent  (BE) 
How to organise Research and Development activities effectively? Artevelde Case
Welfare across the life span in Finland
Using video coaching in ECEC 
Politization of the refugee issue 
World Social Work Day 

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy in Estonia
Conceptualization and categorization of occupation
The COMP with relevant persons in the client´s social environment



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