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The task are mostly made as pdfs so you have to download the description of the tasks.

How we organise the pages of the pairs we will go through in the labs (the first lab).


Download guidelines for the task one Task1.pdf

In addition, to the sites mentioned in the Task 1 pdf which are for Finnish speaking persons: oikotie, for others: New York Times reader, WinhaWille, Tuubi, Moodle....add any other you are using in your studies (KPE, Knowledge Practice Environment:

(I created as an example the page for potential group of Elisa and Pertti - we can change this if you are not  a pair(smile)

Elisa and Pertti Task I

Lilia, Bella and Recep Task I

Ivan and Trung Task I

Kashi,Ademola,Bekafa,Biruk Task 1

Alexander, Ermias, Yohannes and Mesfin. Task 1

Dinesh and Kumud Task 1

Mikko Majander, Simone Scarduzio and Wedha Effendy: Task 1

Task 2.

You can start alredy thinking of the planning of the test. However, as you saw from the lecture slides we will continue to go through in the third lecture  the different usabillity testing and evaluation methods.

But you can already use the usability criteria and user descriptions, you defined last time, to ponder the potential methods you will use....

For the planning you have the answer the questions below. If some of the question do not feel applicatable for your test methods you have to justify why it is so.

You can copy/ paste the questions from below to your wiki page
(1. you can create a new one under this task 2
or 2. you can continue it to your previously made wikipage and just link it here,
or 3. you can create a new page into your previous wiki poage and ink that here under the task 2.)

Planning Report:

A test plan should be written down before the start of the test and it should address the following issues [Nielsen 1993]:

• The goal of the test: what do you want to achieve?
• Where and when will the test take place?
• How long is each test session expected to take?
• What computer support will be needed for the test?
• What software needs to be ready for the test?
• What should the state of the system be at the start of the test?
• What should the system/network load and What should the system/network load and response times be? (not too fast or too slow);
• Who will serve as experimenters for the test?
• Who are the users going to be and how are we going to get hold of them?
• How many users are needed?
• What test tasks will the users be asked to perform?
• What criteria will be used to determine when the users have finished each of the test tasks correctly?
• What user aids will be made available to the test users (manuals, online help, etc)?
• To what extend will the experimenter be allowed to help the users during the test?
• What data is going to be collected and how will it be analysed?

Kashi,Ademola,Bekafa,Biruk Task 2

Mikko Majander, Simone Scarduzio and Wedha Effendy: Task 2

Kashi,Ademola,Bekafa,Biruk Task3

DineshAnd Kumud task 2

Elisa and Pertti and Joonas Task 2

Bella,Lilia,Recep Task 2

Trung, Ivan Task2

Task 3

After you have completed the pilot test do the following:

1. Write into your task 2, i.e. your testing plan:

  • When and where the test was executed
  • What you have to correct in your testing plan. e.g., your task descriptions were not clear, your time estimation of how long the test takes was not correct, you did not have the right dbriefing questions, you did not get the information that you thought you would from the test.
  • Then correct your plan (state what colour you will use for the corrections so that i find them)
  • State when and where will the actual testing take place.

Pilot Testing

Elisa and Pertti and Joonas Task 3

Pilot Test Elisa_Pertti_Joonas

After pilot testing - Wedha Effendy, Mikko Majander, Simone Scarduzio

Dinesh,Kumud,Aida and David pilot test

Pilot Test Elisa_Pertti_Joonas

Kashi Ademola: Pilot Test

Task 4

Reporting the ACTUAL TEST (not the pilot but the usability test after you have done corrections to your testing plan).
Click the link to see The usability testing reporting template

Elisa and Pertti and Joonas Task 4

Dinesh,Kumud,Aida,David Task4
Task 4 - Mikko Majander, Simone Scarduzio, Wedha Effendy - Actual test report.

Trung, Ivan Task4

Bella, Lilia, Recep Task4

Kashi,Ademola Task4

Task 5

Designing mock-ups to display the improvements needed based on your usability testing results and reporting.
Guidelines of how to present the mock-ups

Lilia, Bella and Recep Task V

Task 5 Elisa Pertti and Joonas

Trung, Ivan Task 5 (See Task 6, as the Mock-ups are integrated into the Presentation.)

Task 5 - Mikko Majander, Simone Scarduzio, Wedha Effendy

Kashi,Ademola Task 5

Task 6

What do you tell in your presentation

Task1 Lilia, Bella and Recep
Trung, Ivan Task 6 (Password Protected for now. Will change after Tuesday)

Kumud,dinesh,david and aida

Task 7

Self-reflection lines. This is needed so that I know your activity that is not displayed in the wiki, or that is not your activity in the class and labs.
This task will be submitted through Tuubi!

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