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Usability Engineering course

Hi all, we will use wiki for executing the tasks in pairs or groups. This enables you to contribute tot he others tasks and also to pick and discuss idea that emerge.

This page will hold news, schedule and links tp taska and lecture slides.

News & Events

MB 22.11.2009

Presentation of your improvement mock-ups according to the usability tests will take place during exam week:

Tuesday 15.12. at 12-15
classroom: ETYA0108


Dear all,

I have to be presenting some stuff in Dipoli in the morning of our usability lecture and labs (was supposed to be in the evening but they have changed the schedule). Thus, the lecture and labs of 19th of November for usability engineering are cancelled.

But continue the Task I and II, You should finish them so that you can do the pilot test according to your plan (task II). I will try to comment all of your tasks and write  "GO" when you are ready for the pilot test.

If you interested where I am on Thrusday morning here is the link (unfortunately the stuff is in Finnish):
8.30Rinnakkaiset ryhmät ja työpajat and group F (is where I have to be with Hannu Markkanen).


URENT: Remember we agreed to start at 8.30 the lectures!!!!


Slush Helsinki (3th-4th November 2009)

Open Web Camp Helsinki (7th November 2009)

"Stretch your creativity" workshop (10th November 2009)

Lecture slides

Lecture 1.

Lecture 2.

Lecture 3.

Lecture 4.

Lecture 5.

Lecture 6.

Extra material:


The tasks are in separate page with link to your pages that you will crteate for your pair/group to execute the tasks.


Week 47: Finish Task 1 and 2

Week 48: Pilot testing

Week 49: Redifining the testing plan and executing the usability test

Week 50: Reporting the usability test

Week 51: Presenting Mock-ups of the improvements

Common vocabulary of hard and/or important concepts

The vocabulary is also its own page. There will be a list of term you add! All of use including me try to define what the terms mean. In this way it should become easier to understand the topics we cover during this course.


Unofficial Online References

There are a lot of UI tips out there in formats other than articles and texts. Those are either put up by top designers or people who understand how users use things.

Getting Real (A Book on Agile Dev, by 37signals)



Useful Tools For UI Designing

For wireframing, prototyping, drafting, doodling...etc. Some are physical simulation softwares that would be interesting to use in advanced interfaces such as Surface (Microsoft) or MultiTouch (same company name in Finland)

FlairBuilder is a cross-platform tool for rapid authoring of interactive wireframes and software prototypes.

iPlotz allows you to rapidly create clickable, navigable mockups and wireframes for prototyping websites and software applications.

Lumzy is a Quick MockUp tool. It's a simple to use drag n' drop app for creating quick mockups on the run with hand-drawn feel.

Balsamiq Create software mockups in minutes, Collaborate with your team, Focus on creating your product.

Chalkboard Easy and fun to use sketching tool with a chalkboard interface. Pick up chalk from the tray, press and drag on the board to draw. Line thickness and transparency are set with the controls in the lower left corner of the board.

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