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  • Task 3 - Wedha Effendy, Mikko Majander, Simone Scarduzio
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Pilot test output - 30 November 2009

18:11 - Looking at different parts of Tuubi, but not clicking anything. Trying to get overall picture. Is
moving the pointer on workpsaces. Finds the subscribe-button and tries to find the workspace
with the search-function, but is not able to find the search result that is just underneath the
Moves on to to the search-tab and tries to search the workspace through that. Finds the
workspace and clicks it. User is now in the workspace without subscribing. Browses the main
menus of Tuubi.

+3:00 min - User notices that he has not subscribed, but he is now browsing here and there in the
workspace. User may be a little frustrated because the subscribing is difficult to find.

+4:00min -  Downloads usablity_document.doc and opens it on the test computer (3).
After that he keeps browsing Tuubi and speaks about subscribing. Now he tries again to to
subscribe and uses the search-function again. This time he sees the search result and is able to
sbusribe (1). He seems to be delighted about this.
User is not able to get into the workspace. The workspace does not show in the menu. Maybe
this is a bug?

+6:45min - Clicking the workspace-menus.

+7:33min - Maganed to open a long list of workspaces, clicks create workspace, is browsing the tabs.

*+8:35min -*Is talking to himself, reads aloud the assignments. Is broesing the tabs and is sure that he has
subscribed to the workspace. Becomes frusrated. Reads the assignments again.

+10:33min - Finds the workspave from the list, but it is not working.

+15:00min - from the start
Let's take a break. It seems that there is problem with Tuubi and test user is not able to open
the workspace anymore. He has subscribed succesfully, but the workspace doesn't open when
he clicks it's name.
We change computers.

+25:00min - from the start. User is able get into workspace with second profile. Reads the description (2).

+3:15min - Opens the usability_document.doc (3).

+4:45min - Finds the first assignment and uploads the document. It seems that user uploaded it into the
lectures-folders instead of uploading it inside the assignment. (4) Goes to browsing the tabs.
Finds the second assignment and returns it (5).
User is not able to see feedback. Testers are not able to give feedback. Seems that TUubi is not
working too well. The assignment-tab is not functioning as it should be. It takes a bit time and
hasle to make sure of this.
Let's take a break (5min?) becaus we were not able to test the (6) feedback.

+37:00min - from the start
Goes to the Discussion-tab and replys to a message (9).

+2:22min - Goes to calendar tab and starts to eye the calendar-view. Clicks the list-link and sees a list of
assignments and is able to see the date of the Final assignment (7).
Now he opens the Groups and users and is able to see the users of this workspace (8) and
continues again to to the discussion and replies again (9).

most stressing was the find the way subscribe and getting into the workspace. There was
problems with Tuubi and the browser-compability whic caused some extra work.

Improvements to test plan after pilot test

  1. The test workspace in Tuubi needs to be configured as private
    Main reason is because we don´t want the user to bypass the actual subscription step. We experienced that when he is asked for example to download a word document, he simply get it from a generic search box which returns all the public resources.
  2. The test workspace in tuubi needs to accept the new subscriber as unprivileged user.
    Why is the user able to post content into lectures by mistake? We're testing Tuubi from a student point of view and students are no able to put a new lecture to workspace, are they?
  3. Test should be ran using Internet Explorer browser.
    We experienced slight cross browser compatibilities of Tuubi as a web application, especially using (old) Firefox versions installed in some old computer in metropolia. We are not interested in solving these problems, being pretty technical. We would like to concentrate on the user experience as it was originally thought to be. 
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