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12.30-13.45 in Bulevardi 31, P228 (Metropolia)

John Rantala from Fingersoft
"Mobile Free-to-play Design Pitfalls"

"As the Publishing Director of Fingersoft's publishing label Round Zero, I foresee and develop the process of testing developers' games and finding good matches for publishing. 
Still a beginner in the game industry with 4 years of experience, I've managed to have my finger in every pie from business to development."

14.00-16.00 in Game Factory (5-10min walk from Bule)

Tour in the house
Pelifarmi and BGI -incubator -projects
Working in Game Factory, different perspectives:

  • start up (Veera Schneider, Critical Charm)
  • freelancer (Greg Pellechi, Third Culture Kids)
  • company (Alix Parkkinen, Motorius)


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