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Application Development Project 2012 (10 ETCS)

Teachers: Merja Bauters, Nina Hellman, Pauli Laine, Päivi Rimpioja, Kari Salo

Proven business case with the developed application
| Period 1: Business plan 
* Sales pitch

  • Demo version ready
  • User stories
    || Period 2: Customer feedback 
  • Updated business plan
  • Prototype ready
  • Final user stories
    || You will learn: 
  • Team work in real life
  • Give and take feedback
  • Innovation in practise
  • Facing the customer
  • Business planning for a new application
  • Application development & processes
  • Working in cross cultural environment |

Weekly Schedule


09:00-12:00 Team work (final preparations for the SG) 
8:30-12:00 Project steering group meetings

09:00-12:00 Team work/guest lecturers
12-13 LUNCH
13:00-15:00 Progress review meetings with teachers
15:00-17:00 Team work

Course schedule

| 5-6.9. | Course Introduction, Case Presentations, team forming, draft idea and plans
| Get to know people and the cases, Teams, roles,
cases defined, templates for docs | Presentations, workshop |


Scrum training by Visa Parviainen (Efficode) scrum-presentation-en-2012.pdf, SixPagesAboutScrum(1).pdf,
ADP Business Model Canvas Temlate v 02 including Market reserach Plan.docx

Teams, roles, cases defined, templates for docs

Lecture, workshop


UX/Liisa Benmergui. Also: Business case marketing strategy templates explained
Business case marketing strategy templates explained
Segment-target group description and User story
Webpages that Liisa recommended on Responsive Design
bradfrostweb, mediaqueries,articles on web design, book on responsie design

User story drafted, first scrum meetings



Brief on rapid prototyping: Merja,

check out and the groupUIMobile
Brief on Marketing and Market Research Plan
Marketing work info
Work on prototype and marketing plan

UX planned,
Marketing plan draft,
Prototype build

Lecture, workshop


Merja Bauters: UX (Users), returning docs to Wiki
Prototype and business case review, work on sales pitch
ADP 2012 Sales Pitch.pdf

Business case ready,
Test plan

Lecture, workshop


Preparing and testing the demo, working on the sales pitch

Tested demo, sales pitch, Presentation



Demo presentations/sales pitch, business concept, working prototype (small part implemented), work on
the prototype and business plan.

”exam”, demo ready for customer meetings,
plan for 2nd period



Mark Sorsa-Leslie Basewarp: views and experiences on running a start-up company. Marketing plan, new

List of potential customers,
start contacting updated project plan



Business case, new build , Finacial Plan
ADP 2012 Financial Template.xls
ADP 2011 Financials.pdf

Feedback from end user(s) 
Financial Plan



Customer contact, business case and financial plan, marketing campaign start, new build 
Template for long term road map .pptx
Presentation and tasks for long tem planning

Feedback from customer(s) Marketing campaign, Business Case and Finance Long term presentation



Sales pitch rehersal: Investor Sales Pitch, new build

5 min sales pitch ready



New build, finalise all documentation

Everything ready


5.12 ALL

Final SG Sales pitching event, (customer feedback), final build Course feedback afternoon

Final presenations

Presentation in Big Dry

Team pages/documentation

Go from here to the page to add your own team pages for the course

Documentation that every Team produces

* Status report every week (keep old status reports in the file) Status report tamplate.ppt

ADP Grading

  • Grade from customer 50%
  • Grade from teacher 30%
  • Peer evaluation 20%
  • Impact both from end result and weekly grade (1-5) based on
  • Steering group meeting (Customer grades)
  • Progress Review meeting  (Teacher grades)
  • xx.xx mid-term review (Teacher grades)
  • xx.xx sales pitch (Customer, Teacher, Students grades)
  • Status report and other docs done and quality
  • Progress
  • How team is working
  • Under 80% presence will impact  the grade


ADP13 (!) 5.9

TARGET: Start forming Business Idea

9:00 Meet customer / Work in A1149

–Ehyt in Desert
–Bluebiit in Aquarium 9:00-10:30
–Liikenneturva in Aquarium 10:30-12:00
–Layers in Paradise 11:00-14:00, otherwise work in 1149
–Mobile Means & Lead-in, Extensive Life 1124 9-12

If you are not meeting your customer, get the tasks of the day and do team work in A1149. Tasks for the morning are:

Make a flipchart/presentation with

--Roles (10min)
--Strengths and weaknesses (10min)
--Update the your mindmap of your topic (10min)
--Define a shared goal for your team (20 min)
--Rules and values (20 min)
--Decide on Communication tools (10 min)
--Business idea (what for whom and why) (30min)
--Application idea  (30min)

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Prepare for Wed steering group. Team work in 1149, Desert, Paradise
-- Preliminary Project Plan with tasks and timeline (30min)
-- Create an list of actions for next 2 weeks ) (30min)
–  Pull together the concept flip chart /presentation of your idea for the SG (team roles+analysis and goals+rules, business idea, application idea, project plan: gantt, tasks, responsibilities)
--List of questions for SG

14:30 Short peer presentations

15:00 Wiki info and pm sign off by own teacher


In order to get your grade hand in the following as a zip file:

Dead-Line is 5.12. Also send an e-mail to ALL teachers from your gruop with the link to your zip-file.

Answer PERSOANLLY to the following questionnaire on your learning and grades for your team:  <- does not work <-- now it works

The Dead-line is 9.12.

We have a long, eventful, insightfull and hopefully usefull ADP Project behing us. Below is the planned schedule for the ending session. The ending session is
in the classroon 1.143 (note NOT the Auditorium)

8:30 -9:00 Make sure your presentation is set up and that your presentation technology works.

9:00 INTRO

  • Presentations
    • Basewarp
    • Health-e 
    • E-Glucose
    • Red Cross
    • Linko
    • GPP
    • Ehyt Smart
    • Ehyt Data
    • Ehyt Quest
    • Le Mobible
    • I-Learn

11:10 WRAP-UP and ENDING SESSION to ca 13:30 

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