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TARGET: Start forming Business Idea

9:00 Meet customer / Work in A1149

–Ehyt in Desert
–Bluebiit in Aquarium 9:00-10:30
–Liikenneturva in Aquarium 10:30-12:00
–Layers in Paradise 11:00-14:00, otherwise work in 1149
–Mobile Means & Lead-in, Extensive Life 1124 9-12

If you are not meeting your customer, get the tasks of the day and do team work in A1149. Tasks for the morning are:

Make a flipchart/presentation with

--Roles (10min)
--Strengths and weaknesses (10min)
--Update the your mindmap of your topic (10min)
--Define a shared goal for your team (20 min)
--Rules and values (20 min)
--Decide on Communication tools (10 min)
--Business idea (what for whom and why) (30min)
--Application idea  (30min)

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Prepare for Wed steering group. Team work in 1149, Desert, Paradise
-- Preliminary Project Plan with tasks and timeline (30min)
-- Create an list of actions for next 2 weeks ) (30min)
–  Pull together the concept flip chart /presentation of your idea for the SG (team roles+analysis and goals+rules, business idea, application idea, project plan: gantt, tasks, responsibilities)
--List of questions for SG

14:30 Short peer presentations

15:00 Wiki info and pm sign off by own teacher


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