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Segment/target Group Description Template

Try to pinpoint which are your users' segments, how could categorise them. From these categorised groups select the one you focus on and describe the stereotypical representative of that segment (target group) (e.g., Tuubi users could be segmented into students, teachers, other staff...).

Provide the stereotypical person of the segment with a :

  • Name:
  • A role or job title:
  • Quotes in the persona's language:
  • Relevant demographics:
  • Descriptions that reveals goals, motivations, pain points:
  • Descriptions that describe primary activities this user type will engage in:

In a form of Story.

Usability criteria to be suitable for this user type? (design imperatives)


  • ease of learning
  • retention of learning
  • efficiency of interaction
  • reliability of interaction

User Story

Template: As a <some role>, I want <something>, so that <some value>
Describes who wants, what wants and what for in one sentence

  • “As an end user I want to be able to upload my picture to my profile page, so that my profile page looks cool”
  • “As a sales person, I want to see statistics of my performance in graphical charts, so that I monitor my performance”
  • “As an administrator, I want to have database backups, so that I won’t be in big trouble if something unexpected happens”

Definition of Done must describe exactly what “done” means

“What’s not in DoD, is not needed”
Item is either “done” or “not done”

  • Story: Picture upload
  • end user can upload his/her picture from profile settings page
  • picture is shown on the left upper corner of the profile page
  • picture is scaled to fit the profile picture box on the profile page
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