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Link to the demo application

Application source files (.ZIP)


Specification for RunToShop ApplicationHandling the searches: printing out recommendations and banners

Specification of the existing search

Recommendation search

  • Recommendations are searched against a database
  • Every recommendation that has a matching tag that is connected to a recommendation is printed out

Banners search

  • Banners are searched against a database
  • Every banner that has the matching tag is set into a pool and one is selected by probability
  • Probability is counted by the price of the banner: the higher the price the higher the probability that it would be shown

Specification for the coming release

Recommendation search

  • The recommendation would be printed out by their relevancy
  • Relevancy is counted by the number of views(plus) , likes(plus) and dislikes (-)

Banners search

  • Creating an administration page where the user could set up how the banners would be shown
  • Options:
    • disable banners
    • setting start and end date
    • setting which time of the day the banner has higher probability to be shown
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