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  • Transistor evolution and CPU technology
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The changes in a computer technology rapidly increased through few decades which is heavily influenced by the the introduction of CPU transistor. nowadays beside computers everything has a cpu mobile phone, smart TVs, plenty of stand alone electronic devices with a cheapest price. An older vacuum tubes technology is replaced by a transistor . since the tubes were unreliable, bulky and generated a lot of heat, too. specially for computer technology Vacuum tubes were unpractical.

Scientist were brainstorming the idea of semiconductor technology for a long time until the invention of the transistor announced by the Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1948 make it easy to implement physically. Since then many types have been designed. Transistors are very cheap, durable, small and have a high resistance to physical shock. The vast majority of transistors now are built as parts of IC. Transistors are used in virtually all electronic devices, including radio and television receivers, computers, and space vehicles and guided missiles.


Working principles

Manufacturing technologies



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