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This course is part of 3AMK Bachelor level learning lane “Circular Economy for Sustainable Growth” that forms an independent 15 credit specialization in the circular economy.

Human centric design thinking approach allows rethinking products, services, business models and economic systems. It can help companies reach more value from the energy and resources they use. Service design and co-creation is central to a well-functioning circular economy. Existing services can be refined and completely new solutions can be created that can revolutionize the system itself (e.g. renting a coach, from owning to renting a car, etc.).

With circular economy design, economic growth can be decoupled from the resource consumption by promoting innovation, smart design and co-design, knowledge sharing, cooperation and collaboration. In a co-creation process, the mutual value is “created with stakeholders. The needs, objectives and activities are negotiated together with different stakeholders. The process takes into consideration the real needs of the target groups in order to create sustainable innovations

Next enrollment  25.11 – 9.12.2019  for 3AMK learning lanes.

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Course code

Towards a Sustainable Consumer Society 5Metropolia, Myyrmäki

15.1, 5.2 and 11.3.2020

Riitta Lehtinen and Mia RuismäkiTX00DH52-3003
New Business Models in Circular Economy5Haaga-Helia, Pasila

18.3, 1.4, 29.4 and 27.5.2020/ 12.30-16.00

Tuija Koskimäki and Eeva AarnioECO8HH101-3003
Service Design for Circular Economy5Laurea, Leppävaara

15.4 and 13.5.2020/ 12.30-16.00

Johanna Lunkka and Päivi HarmoinenR0424-3002
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