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The international ICT Summer School gives you an excellent opportunity to enhance your knowledge on different areas of information and communication technology, and at the same time explore Finland, meet new people, and expand your network internationally. Courses are a free of charge for 3AMK students and each course has a certain amount of places reserved for them. Enrolments for the courses are accepted on a first come, first served basis. ICT Summer School is organized from August 5th until August 30th.

Metropolia students cannot use this enrollment form, but enroll in OMA as usually. 

More info on ICT Summer School here:

Time Management2Metropolia Myyrmäki20.5.-24.5. 13:00-17:00Slobodanka Dzebric FULL

1st week (5.8.-9.8.)

Calibration of Measurement Devices and Data Evaluation3Metropolia Myyrmäki5.8.-8.8.  09:00-13:00Jörg HoffmannFULL
Design of Safe and Reliable Systems3Metropolia Myyrmäki5.8.-9.8.  09:00-13:00Norbert JungTX00DB89-3003
Digital Signal Processing5Metropolia Myyrmäki5.8.-16.8.  09:00-13:00Manfred JungkeFULL
Image Processing with Matlab3Metropolia Myyrmäki5.8.-9.8. 13:00-17:00Hiroyuki AokiFULL
Introduction to Japanese Language & Culture (group 1)3Metropolia Myyrmäki5.8.-9.8. 13:00-17:00Takeda TsunemiFULL
Introduction to Smart Environments3Metropolia Myyrmäki5.8.-9.8. 17:00-21:00-FULL

2nd week (12.8.-16.8.)

Systematic Innovation with Design-Thinking and Cross-Industry Innovation3Metropolia Myyrmäki12.8.-16.8. 09:00-13:00-FULL
Progressive Web App3Metropolia Myyrmäki12.8.-16.8. 09:00-13:00-FULL
Introduction to Japanese Language & Culture (group 2)3Metropolia Myyrmäki12.8.-16.8. 13:00-17:00Takeda TsunemiTI00CJ45-3008
Introduction to Machine Learning3Metropolia Myyrmäki12.8.-16.8. 13:00-17:00Akihiro YamashitaFULL
Introduction to Voice Interfaces3Metropolia Myyrmäki12.8.-16.8. 17:00-21:00ICT Exchange TeacherFULL
Application Security Framework CANCELLED3Metropolia Myyrmäki13.8.-28.8. 17:00-21:00-CANCELLED

3rd week (19.8.-23.8.)

Introduction to Software Engineering3Metropolia Myyrmäki19.8.-23.8.2019  09:00-13:00ICT Exchange TeacherFULL
Robotic Arm Project3Metropolia Myyrmäki19.8.-23.8.2019  09:00-13:00Takashi LinzbichlerTX00DT61-3001
Home Automation with ESP 8266 Workshop3Metropolia Myyrmäki19.8.-23.8.2019  13:00-17:00ICT Exchange TeacherFULL
The High Tech Start-up – Building an Idea, Refining the Idea and Taking it to Market3Metropolia Myyrmäki19.8.-23.8.2019  13:00-17:00ICT Exchange TeacherFULL
SQL and Relational Databases3Metropolia Myyrmäki19.8.-23.8.2019  13:00-17:00-FULL
Disruptive Changes Based on New Work and Coworking3Metropolia Myyrmäki20.8.-23.8.2019 13:00-18:00ICT Exchange TeacherTX00DT99-3001
Introduction to the Internet of Things Using Raspberry Pi and AWS IoT3Metropolia Myyrmäki19.8.-23.8.2019  17:00-21:00Xing LiuFULL

4th week (26.8-30.8.)

Mobile App Development Using React Native3Metropolia Myyrmäki26.8.-30.8.2019  17:00-21:00Xing LiuFULL
Introduction to Embedded Android Programming3Metropolia MyyrmäkiTo be confirmed-FULL

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