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On this site Aalto-yliopiston kielitarjonta you can find the language courses of Aalto University offered by 3AMK + Aalto University co-operation.  Courses below are also suitable for international students. This means that support and guidance are either provided in English or in advanced level of studies in the language studied. 

For the Aalto University language studies, the enrolment is in accordance with the instructions of Aalto University. 
Further information on Aalto University's offering at
Enrolment is between August 16th-September 6th 2021.

Students of 3AMK must enroll for the Aalto University language courses with this application form. The application form and required attachments must be submitted by e-mail to

OBS! Courses/ lectures are arranged in online format until end of the October 2021. Decisions concerning format of lectures during November and December are made later on. 

Course and codeGroupDayTimeRoomLecturerWeeks


LC-0610 Intercultural Communication LH01Thu16:00-19:00R001/Y346Atefeh Aghaee37-42
LC-0610 Intercultural Communication LH02Thu09:00-12:15R001/U402Yoonjoo Cho44-49
LC-0611 Teamwork and Leadership in the 21st Century LH01Wed09:00-12:15R001/U121b HILTIYoonjoo Cho44-49

LC-9010 Kiina 1H01Mon10:15-12:30R001/U262 KPMGJinhua Cheng37-42, 44-48
LC-9010 Kiina 1H01Fri13:00-16:00R001/U358 AMER SPORTSJinhua Cheng49
LC-9011 Kiinan kirjoitusmerkit 1H01Sun23:30-23:45R001/VT1Jinhua Cheng37
LC-9011 Kiinan kirjoitusmerkit 1H01Wed12:15-13:45R001/U262 KPMGJinhua Cheng38
LC-9021 Kiinan kirjoitusmerkit 2H01Sun23:00-23:15R001/VT1Jinhua Cheng37
LC-9021 Kiinan kirjoitusmerkit 2H01Wed12:15-13:45R001/U262 KPMGJinhua Cheng38
LC-9030 Kiina 3H01Fri10:15-12:30R001/U401Jinhua Cheng37-42
LC-9030 Kiina 3H01Fri10:15-12:30R001/U406aJinhua Cheng44-49
LC-9031 Kiinan kirjoitusmerkit 3H01Sun23:00-23:15R001/VT1Jinhua Cheng37
LC-9031 Kiinan kirjoitusmerkit 3H01Wed12:15-13:45R001/U262 KPMGJinhua Cheng38
LC-9050 Kiina 5 (o,w)H01Wed15:15-17:30R001/U262 KPMGJinhua Cheng37-42
LC-9050 Kiina 5 (o,w)H01Mon15:15-17:30R001/U262 KPMGJinhua Cheng39, 41
LC-9051 Kiinan kirjoitusmerkit 5H01Sun23:00-23:15R001/VT1Jinhua Cheng37
LC-9051 Kiinan kirjoitusmerkit 5H01Wed12:15-13:45R001/U262 KPMGJinhua Cheng38
LC-9060 Kiina 6 Speaking and Writing in the Workplace (o,w)H01Wed15:15-17:30R001/U401Jinhua Cheng44-49
LC-9060 Kiina 6 Speaking and Writing in the Workplace (o,w)H01Mon15:15-17:30R001/U259 POSTIJinhua Cheng45, 47

LC-4340 Ranska 4V01Tue09:30-11:30R999/Virtuaali1 Virtuaalitila 1David Erent44-49
LC-4340 Ranska 4V01Thu09:30-11:30R999/Virtuaali1 Virtuaalitila 1David Erent44-49
LC-4360 Ranska 6 (o,w)M01Mon10:15-11:45R001/U410bDavid Erent37-42
LC-4360 Ranska 6 (o,w)M01Wed10:15-11:45R001/U402David Erent37-42
LC-4361 Online French - Grammaire française (o, w)M01Sun23:00-23:01
David Erent37-41, 44-48
LC-4371 Ranska 7a - Travailler ensemble (o,w)M01Mon13:30-15:00R001/U121a S-RYHMÄDavid Erent44-48
LC-4371 Ranska 7a - Travailler ensemble (o,w)M01Wed13:30-15:00R001/U414bDavid Erent44-49
LC-4380 Ranska 8 - Projets francophones (o,w)I01Sun23:15-23:30
David Erent37-41, 44-48

LC-6350 Saksa 5 (o,w)M01Tue16:15-17:45R001/U401Hans-Joachim Schulze37-42
LC-6350 Saksa 5 (o,w)M01Thu16:15-17:45R001/U261 U261 OPHans-Joachim Schulze37-42
LC-6360 Saksa 6 (o,w)M01Tue16:15-17:45R001/Y228aCaren Schröder, Hans-Joachim Schulze44-49
LC-6360 Saksa 6 (o,w)M01Thu16:15-17:45R001/U264 K-RYHMÄCaren Schröder, Hans-Joachim Schulze44-49
LC-6372 Saksa 7b (o, w)M01Wed16:00-17:30R001/Y308Caren Schröder, Hans-Joachim Schulze37-42
LC-6372 Saksa 7b (o, w)M01Wed16:00-17:30R001/U259 POSTICaren Schröder, Hans-Joachim Schulze44-49

LC-3130 Portugali 3H01Tue10:00-11:30R001/U259 POSTIGabriela Barco37-42
LC-3130 Portugali 3H01Thu10:00-11:30R001/U259 POSTIGabriela Barco37-42
LC-3140 Portugali 4H01Tue10:00-11:30R001/Y229aGabriela Barco44-49
LC-3140 Portugali 4H01Thu10:00-11:30R001/U264 K-RYHMÄGabriela Barco44-49

LC-8581 Venäjä 8 Venäjänkielinen yritysviestintä A (o,w)H01Tue14:00-16:45R001/Y308Valeria Seraya-Rautaneva44-49
LC-8581 Venäjä 8 Venäjänkielinen yritysviestintä A (o,w)H01Thu15:30-18:30R001/Y309bValeria Seraya-Rautaneva44-49

LC-2360 Espanja 6 (o,w)H01Tue08:30-11:00R001/U121b HILTICarmen Rodellas Ryhänen44-49
LC-2360 Espanja 6 (o,w)H01Thu08:30-11:00R001/M203Carmen Rodellas Ryhänen44-49
LC-2361 Espanjaa verkossa - eGramática (w)V01Sun23:58-23:59R999/Virtuaali1 Virtuaalitila 1Anna Ahlava37-41, 44-48
LC-2373 Espanja 7C (o,w)V01Sun23:30-23:45R999/Virtuaali1 Virtuaalitila 1Carmen Rodellas Ryhänen37-41, 44-47

LC-5000 Kommunicera som expertI02Thu13:15-14:45R001/U121a S-RYHMÄSofia Sevon37
LC-5000 Kommunicera som expertI02Fri13:15-14:45R001/U121a S-RYHMÄSofia Sevon44
LC-5000 Kommunicera som expertThu13:15-14:45R001/U115a

LC-5771 Svenska för internationella studerande 1AH01Tue10:15-11:45R001/U261 U261 OPIsabella Fröjdman37-42
LC-5771 Svenska för internationella studerande 1AH01Thu10:15-11:45R001/U410bIsabella Fröjdman37-42
LC-5772 Svenska för internationella studerande 1BK01Mon12:30-14:00R001/U259 POSTIIsabella Fröjdman44-48
LC-5772 Svenska för internationella studerande 1BK01Wed12:30-14:00R001/U259 POSTIIsabella Fröjdman44-49
LC-5810 Självstudiekurs i ämnesspecifik kommunikation på svenskaI01Mon10:15-11:45R015/126 JuhoHannele Airio44
LC-5810 Självstudiekurs i ämnesspecifik kommunikation på svenskaI01Fri23:30-23:45R015/126 JuhoHannele Airio49
LC-5811 Företagsliv, samhälle och kultur i NordenH01Wed10:15-11:45R015/213 EetuSofia Sevon44-49
LC-5811 Företagsliv, samhälle och kultur i NordenH01Fri10:15-11:45R015/213 EetuSofia Sevon44-49
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