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Cambridge Venture Camp, 5 ECTS

Two-weeks long entrepreneurship camp for Haaga-Helia, Laurea, Metropolia Bachelor and Master degree students as well as exchange students will be organized in Helsinki district (1 week) and Cambridge (1 week). In order to apply this program each applicant should have an own business idea, which he/she is willing to develop during the camp. There will be 17 places available for the camp. Selections will be done based on business idea potential and applicant’s personal competence. Cambridge travelling costs are covered by the program for attending students. Timing

  • Application: 15th of January - 4th of February 2018
  • Interviews: Second week of February 2018
  • Selection: 19th of February 2018
  • Pre event: 1st of March
  • Implementation: Finnish week: 5th -9th of March, Cambridge week: 18th -22nd of March
  • DemoDay late spring (one day)

Contact person:

CERN BootCamp, 10 ECTS

Multidisciplinary Master Studies

CERN BootCamp is an innovative study concept, which will be co-created together with CERN, universities and companies for each implementation. BootCamp provide a unique international learning experience to the group of Master's degree students with multidisciplinary educational background. The focus of the studies is to solve societal problems or challenges of the case companies by applying service design methods to have a genuinely people centered, empathetic approach. There will be max. 25 places available for the Bootcamp (max. 20 master's degree students from Haaga-Helia, Laurea, Metropolia, max. 5 students form UNI.)  The selection will be done based on the student's study achievement, completed credits, motivation letter and group discussion. Switzerland travelling costs are mainly covered by university.


  • Application 1st  – 16th of February
  • Group discussion: 1st of March between 12.00-18.00
  • Selection: latest 9th of March
  • Implementation: Kickoff: 18th – 19th of May, Switzerland/Geneva days: 11th -15th of June,  Final event: 19th of June
  • Read more about CERN BootCamp:

Contact persons:, ,,,


Digital Wellbeing Sprint, 5 ECTS

Digital Wellbeing Sprint is an open innovation and co-creation sprint where multidisciplinary and multicultural teams work on developing, prototyping and testing user-centered digital solutions in real-life challenge. During the Sprint, participants will have an opportunity to innovate together with students, companies, the public sector and the third sector in Finland. The student selection will be done based on the pre-assignments: Video Trends in Digital Health 2017, Literature review, Personal portfolio and Motivation letter. The Sprint programme is available for Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia degree and exchange students free of charge.


  • Application 1st  – 16th of February
  • Selection: latest 9th of March
  • Implementation: 28th of May – 1st of June

Contact persons:,,,


10 Days 100 Challenges 5 ECTS or 10 ECTS

10 DAYS 100 CHALLENGES program provides multi-disciplinary innovation program for students, professionals, entrepreneurs and highly educated immigrants during the summer season as well as providing opportunities for teaming up. The program utilizes learning by doing, peer learning, teamwork, and service design and lean methods and is part of service design and innovation studies. The participating companies give business challenges and look for ideas and co-creation with the participating teams. The topic for the summer 2018 will be Artificial Intelligence for Business. 10 Days 100 Challenges programme is available for Haaga-Helia, Laurea and Metropolia degree and exchange students free of charge


  • Application: 1st  – 16th of February
  • Selection: latest 9th of March
  • Implementation: 4th-15th of June

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